"i must become the action of my fate" --June Jordan
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May 19: Birthday of Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh, two great revolutionary fighters for social justice and national liberation.

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A visual chronology of the Freedom Rides

On November 15, 2011, six Palestinian Freedom Riders boarded a settler-only bus traveling to occupied East Jerusalem to openly challenge Israel’s apartheid policies towards Palestinians and its minority populations. The following is a visual chronology of the events.

Photo: Dena Elian, Sixteen Minutes to Palestine



An old poster - Arabic translation:I have transformed my chains into my weapon

 in the 16th anniversary of the launching of the revolution , greetings to our fighters in the prisons of the occupation .

as Palestinian prisoner hunger strike continues for the 11 th day .

i want that as a tattoo. the words in arabic. damn


Stamps were issued by Arab  postal authority to show its support for the second intifada . notice Muhammad al-Durrah on it .


 Israeli soldier shoots a Palestinian prisoner while being handcuffed in front of his commanding officor!(x)(video)




No more oppression


I love this <3

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Kosovo Suite. June Jordan & Adrienne Torf. (from the album Collaboration)

"The rains fail to purify the river

The darkness does not slow

the trembling message of the tanks

hundreds of houses on fire and still

the enemies do not seek

and find

the enemies only the ones without water

only the ones without bread”

i love those women

& men who fought

not so we wouldn’t have to

but so we would

know how to

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Do Whatever It Takes.

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